Vision and Mission

Finance for Impact is a public policy and research firm exclusively focused on sustainable finance and social impact.

Our objective is to improve financial access and inclusion, strengthen the quality of financial governance and promote the integration of sustainability concerns into mainstream financial practice. This conviction guides everything we do as an organization and the choices we make. They inform both our long-term strategy as a firm and the way we serve our clients on a daily basis.


Our approach always emphasizes structured problem-solving and fact-based analysis, creativity, high-level skills, and concern for real world problems.

Specialized expertise

Global experience

Innovative thinking

Strong analytical tools

Close collaboration with our clients


Founded in the midst of the global financial crisis, Finance for Impact was established under the vision that the world economy needed to be supported by a sustainable financial system.

Decades of unprecedented growth in many regions has significantly reduced poverty. At the same time, new development issues have emerged to create intense strain on our ecosystems, drive stark inequality in some of the world’s most populous countries, and undermine the very sources of prosperity. These new issues highlight the need to rethink financial governance and the role of the private sector to build a better future and raise living standards.

Since its inception, our firm has advised policy makers, governments and businesses to design and implement strategies and projects fostering economic growth compatible with human welfare and a healthy environment.

In past years, Finance for Impact expanded swiftly, to reach over 100 client engagements in 60 countries, many of them in the world’s most vulnerable economies. Our work directly contributed into the transformation of the economic environment at a local and national levels, thus improving the lives of citizens and increasing economic opportunities for communities and businesses in developing and transition economies.


An unwavering focus on sustainable societal impact

We care about social change and innovation. Finance for Impact proposes advisory services and solutions to help clients have a greater impact on their communities through enhanced collaboration and socially responsible business practices.

Our firm works to accelerate the pace of financial inclusion to improve people’s livelihoods and support the growth of sustainable business.

Management team

Finance for Impact’s experienced management team ensures
that our operations run smoothly and efficiently, always keeping
clients’ interests first and foremost.
We have access to a large network of partners and highly-skilled experts,
in varying sectors and functions, that can be mobilized on
demand to best support our assignments.

Management and support team

Thierry Senechal

Founder and Managing Director
Finance for Impact

Thierry Senechal is the Managing Director of Finance for Impact, a public policy and research firm promoting the integration of sustainability concerns

Hervé Solignac Lecomte

Finance for Impact

Hervé Solignac Lecomte is a 25yr+ Banking expert focused on enabling business growth, developing collaborative work processes and driving negotiations in a multi-cultural environment

Marie Sudreau

Finance for Impact

Marie Sudreau is an international consultant in the field of finance for development. Her areas of expertise include sovereign debt, international trade and investment and financial governance

Clément Iraola

Finance for Impact

Clément Iraola provides expertise in governance and economic development. Recent work included the setting up of an Export Credit Agency in the Central European region

Milane Pacher

Finance for Impact

Milane advises multilateral and bilateral organizations, governments, on strategic planning, capacity building, monitoring and evaluation in the financial inclusion sector, with a focus in the Middle East and Africa

Board of Advisors

Anne-Gwenn Alexandre

Advisor, Finance for Impact
International Expert, Environmental Management and Corporate & Social Responsibility

During her career, Anne-Gwenn has developed extensive experience managing and protecting corporate image and reputation. She has led strategic projects in the areas

Henri d’Ambrières

Advisor, Finance for Impact
Director, HDA Conseil (Advisory Services in Export, Trade and Project Finance)

Henri d’Ambrières joined Crédit Lyonnais Bank in 1984. He held several positions in Paris and Madrid in Commercial Banking and Structured Finance, especially for

Daniel Cotti

Advisor, Finance for Impact
Founder and Managing Director, Cotti Trade & Treasury Chairman of the Board of Bolero

Daniel Cotti heads Cotti Trade & Treasury (CTT), a boutique consulting firm in the B2B and banking space whose main focus is on trade finance and treasury management

Christine Daoulas

Advisor, Finance for Impact

Christine Daoulas helps organization build innovative business models around social good with a goal to maximize shared value

Karine Jouannigot

Advisor, Finance for Impact
Partner & VP, LesComptoirs

After graduation from Sciences Po and HEC, Karine Jouannigot spent 10 years in Consulting firms (PwC, Andersen Consulting, BearingPoint) prior to co-found

Jean-François Lambert

Advisor, Finance for Impact
Founding Partner Lambert Commodities

Jean-François Lambert is Founding Partner of Lambert Commodities, providing bespoke commodity trade and structured finance solutions to producers,

Alexander R. Malaket

Advisor, Finance for Impact
President of OPUS Advisory Services International Inc.

Alexander R. Malaket is President of Canadian consultancy OPUS Advisory Services International Inc., established in 2001, focusing on international business, trade

Raymond Saner

Advisor, Finance for Impact
Director, Centre for Socio-Economic Development

Raymond Saner is co-founder of the Centre for Socio-Eco-Nomic Development (CSEND) based in Geneva since 1993. CSEND is a research and development

Lauren Shields

Advisor, Finance for Impact
Manager, BSR

Lauren Shields’ work lies at the intersection of business and international development. She is a Manager at BSR, a non-profit business network partnering

Ibrahima Thiam

Advisor, Finance for Impact
Regional Director Africa, Wetlands International

Ibrahima Thiam is the Regional Director for Wetlands International Africa, a leading international non-profit organization whose mission is to protect and

Sarah J. Wachter

Advisor, Finance for Impact
Expert in communications, crisis management, and good governance

Sarah J. Wachter is a Paris-based consultant in communications planning, messaging, storytelling, media relations, persuasion and influence, and in creative

Linping Zhang

Advisor, Finance for Impact
Executive Director, BioMed Valley Discoveries

Dr. Zhang is an Executive Director of Translational Sciences at BioMed Valley Discoveries. Prior to joining BioMed Valley Discoveries, Dr. Zhang was an Associate


Our clients and partners aspire to make a positive difference in the world through socially responsible investments and programs. Finance for Impact shares the same values. We aspire to build enduring relationships with both our clients and partners, something that is reflected in the growing number of organizations who return for new projects and assignments.

We take pride in and emphasize the quality of our client relationship and partnerships.
To this date, we have worked with over 40 different clients and partners in 60+ countries

Our most recent clients and partners

Adam Smith International
Agence Française de Développement
Asian Development Bank
Chatham House
Council of Europe
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
European Commission
Expertise France
General Electric
International Development Research Centre
International Finance Corporation
International Organization for Migration
La Poste
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Société Générale
United Nations
United Nations Environment Programme
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
World Bank


Clients’ words about our work: