Consultante, Finance for Impact

Milane advises multilateral and bilateral organizations, governments, on strategic planning, capacity building, monitoring and evaluation in the financial inclusion sector, with a focus in the Middle East and Africa. Her recent work included managing a large-scale international cooperation project in the field of economic development in the Middle East. She provided support on various issues related to economic and institutional development, and develops methodologies integrating social and economic impact assessment.

Milane has conducted extensive field work in Indonesia with an NGO, where she led a project of reforestation and ecotourism. She created a financial partnership with the private sector to implement the programme and implemented a strategy for obtaining financing with international donors such as European Union. She successfully launched a fundraising campaign to fund the plantations of 22,000 trees.

Milane holds a Master’s degree in economics with the ESSEC Business School and a degree from Sciences Po (St Germain en Laye).