Fellow, Finance for Impact

Joseph is currently a Fellow with Finance for Impact. He focused on the development of financial institutions, their products and delivery systems, the markets in which they function and the regulatory regimes under which they operate. He also conducted research on the topic of inclusive growth policy, focusing at how to economically recover from the COVID-19 global lockdown, prevent the next financial crisis, what to do about raising inequality, and where jobs of the future will likely emerge.

Previously, he worked as Lead Consultant for Freshsight, an Edinburgh-based consulting group specializing on social enterprises. He was responsible for social impact assessments and quantitative analysis, including conducting surveys on demand for mental health support services across Scotland. Joseph was also a researcher for the University of Edinburgh’s School of Economics. He investigated the economic impact on Europe and Asia of China’s Belt and Road Initiative. His focus within the project was the debt implications for the financial sustainability of Central Asian economies. His current research is investigating how economic crises, such as Covid-19, hamper government initiatives in European and developing countries, with a view to creating sustainable social policies.

Originally from Sydney, Australia, Joseph completed his MA in Economics and Politics from the University of Edinburgh and participated to an exchange program at Luiss Guido Carli in 2019-2020. He speaks fluent English with intermediate Italian and French.