Director, Finance for Impact

Hervé Solignac Lecomte is a 25yr+ Banking expert focused on enabling business growth, developing collaborative work processes and driving negotiations in a multi-cultural environment.

He launched and steered an International Banking Alliance “IBOS” over an 8-year period, one of the early Fintechs and still today a unique 20-Bank Cooperative Set up in Global Transaction Banking.

As Managing Director at HSBC, he held various Corporate and Public Sector Banking advisory roles serving Multinationals, SMEs, Multilateral Institutions, Sovereigns and Central banks across Europe and Maghreb. He led the development of Trade Finance as a growth generator for HSBC France, restructuring the Sales model and Product suite based on detailed cost/benefit analyses. He also conducted a full process re-engineering of Trade operations, resulting in HR/Service level performance monitoring across all client segments.

Recently, Hervé started providing independent advisory services for the public sector notably to boost trade-based development in emerging markets, and to model/design innovative financial solutions towards urban regeneration and environmental projects in European cities.

His approach consists of bridging the gaps between project metrics/policy goals and the measures/constraints of financial backers, at both inception and subsequent evaluation stages. He is focused on delivering pragmatic solutions to foster innovation, for instance through combining financial instruments, or by merging projects that have diverse capital intensity, risk profiles and pay backs.

Hervé graduated from ISG Business school in Paris and holds a Master’s Degree from University of San Francisco.