Consultant, Finance for Impact

Georges is a consultant specializing in the development of sustainable financial solutions and frameworks, strategic evaluation, impact investing and corporate social responsibility (CSR). In past years, he has worked with international organizations, bilateral agencies and NGOs. Throughout his experiences, he conducted fieldwork, desk research, data collection, cartography, social and economic impact assessments.

In 2017 he was involved on several projects related to forestry and land use, energy efficiency, renewables, waste management, among others. In relation to his work he gained expertise on the carbon market and its implication for building a resilient and low carbon economy. He participated to several assignments consisting in evaluating carbon emissions in Latin-America and other emerging markets. Moreover, Georges supported the Ministry of the Interior of Colombia with daily summaries and transcriptions that contributed to the development of diversity and inclusion programs for the indigenous people.

In 2019, Georges joined Finance for Impact as a consultant in the environmental finance team. He participated to several projects on financial sustainability, impact investing and the blue economy.

Georges holds a bachelor’s degree in Applied Economics and Management and a master’s degree in Finance and Management Control from the IAE Lyon – School of Management. He speaks French, Spanish and English fluently and is currently perfecting his Italian.