Director, Finance for Impact

Ana Larderet is Director with Finance for Impact. Her areas of expertise cover governance, peacebuilding, civil-society and youth engagement, and private sector development through entrepreneurship.

With six years of experience in the humanitarian and development sectors, Ana worked for the International Labor Office in Indonesia, ACTED in Afghanistan, Centro de Intercambio de Conocimiento (CiC-VIVA) in Costa Rica and PLAY International in Kosovo. In her recent posting for PLAY International, she served as a Country Director, with responsibility for providing innovative and collaborative solutions in the fields of education and social cohesion. She has strong experience in the private sector development for marginalized and vulnerable groups. While in Afghanistan, she worked in the fields of NGO finance and women empowerment.

Ana has a double Master degree in International Affairs and Governance from St. Gallen University in Switzerland, and in International Finance and Business from Sciences Po Paris in France. She has a Bachelor degree in Political and social sciences from Sciences Po Paris. She is fluent in French, English and Indonesian and commendable in Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, Albanian, German and Spanish.