A Conceptual Framework on Country Risk

2 September 2019 An article from Finance for Impact Director, Thierry Senechal, was published in the Journal of Damages in International Arbitration, Vol.5, No.2, July 2019 (ISBN: ISSN: 2327-2333). ‘A Conceptual Framework on Country Risk’ proposes to develop a conceptual framework for fulfilling the arbitrators’ and/or the parties’ goal of developing a satisfactory approach to

Completion of a feasibility study for a governance program deployed in vulnerable territories in Central African Republic

28 July 2019 Finance for Impact received a mandate to help design a new governance program in Central African Republic on behalf of Agence française de développement (AFD). First, our team undertook a detailed contextual and conflict analysis of existing governance programs in the country. Then we conducted field missions in two territories and prepared

Release of the EBRD Trade Assessment for Morocco

Casablanca, 29 November 2018 Finance for Impact presented its International Trade Assessment for Morocco. Despite many economic and pro-business reforms adopted in past years, Morocco finds it difficult to diversify its economy. The trade deficit remains important (USD19.5 billion in 2017, with imports reaching USD45.1 and exports USD25.6). Similar to several countries in the region,

Opportunities for Inclusive Trade in Egypt

Cairo, 15 November 2018 Finance for Impact presented its Trade Assessment for Egypt, an EBRD assignment conducted in 2017-2018. In 2016, Egypt has embarked on a major economic reform program, including the liberalization of the exchange rate regime, fiscal consolidation measures and reforms to the business environment. The liberalization of the exchange rate regime has

Global Inclusive Trade Scenarios

Uzbekistan, 8 November 2018 Thierry Senechal attended the EBRD-Worldwide Expert Conferences in Uzbekistan on 7-8 November. He discussed the future of global trade, in particular the impacts of recent trends on trade inclusion. He indicated that trade practitioners are now dealing with a complex system, with changes in some elements of the system producing larger

Assessing Country Risk

Thierry Senechal attended the International Bar Association (IBA) event in Roma as Member of the ICCA-ASIL Task Force on Damages. The focus of his presentation was on country risk and how to measure it. Over the last decades, many frontier and emerging markets in Asia, Africa, South America, and Eastern Europe grew impressively. At the

Survey and analysis on financial inclusion in Tunisia

Finance for Impact teamed up with Altai Consulting to conduct a large-scale survey and analysis on financial inclusion in Tunisia. The primary objective of the assignment is to define meaningful indicators and collect in-depth data needed to support the development of public policies aimed at enhancing financial inclusion. In particular, the team is implementing a

Arbitrating the Future

Thierry Senechal, Managing Director, Finance for Impact, participated to the 2nd Edition of the SCAI Innovation Conference, Arbitrating the Future. Mr Senechal focused on dealing with quantum evidence and suggested to consider agreeing on the method for determining the quantum of damages at the beginning of the proceedings. He indicated that Arbirtators must make sure

Creating Shared Value: Economic Success and Social Impact

Finance for Impact attended the ‘Creating Shared Value’ workshop organized by Prof Michael Porter and Mark Kramer at Harvard Business School (HBS) in Cambridge, USA. Participants exchanged views and insights on how to build social purpose into the corporate mission. Michael Porter hinted that profits may not be equal; the profit from a company addressing