Managing Health and Wellbeing at Work

General Electric Healthcare

Christine Daoulas provided guidance to promote a holistic, proactive approach to managing health and wellbeing issues
at the workplace. She addressed the impact of health on the capacity of employees to work, e.g. how to best support those with disabilities and health conditions. She look at how the firm can better support the disabled people at work, highlighting the many benefits that disabled people bring to the workplace and proposing recommendations to enhance the office space, re-organize workstations, propose alternative transport arrangements, etc.

Designing an Ethical Value Chain

Mining Industry

The team proposed an approach for designing ethical supply chains, including a research focused on a specific region in Africa. The study reviewed specific issues related to the legal systems and regulations, living conditions, mining practices, social and political issues. The team collaborated with a leading international legal expert in Human Rights to design a specific methodology addressing business and Human Rights aspects in the mining industry.

Preventing and Mitigating Space Debris Pollution

Harvard University

Thierry Senechal, lead author, conducted a research project for Harvard Law School’s Program on Negotiation on how space debris pollution is hindering space commerce, space tourism, and the scientific exploration of space. He carried out an analysis of the threats of space debris pollution and reviewed the political and legal frameworks governing space debris. A new legal regime for space debris was proposed.

Sustainable Shipment Letter of Credit

University of Cambridge

Thierry Senechal participated in the University of Cambridge Banking Environment Initiative’s Working Group to develop a solution by which internationally-recognized social and environmental standards can be integrated in financial instruments (e.g. Letter of Credit) supporting international trade. This project provided solutions to incentivize sustainable commodity trade.

Mapping of Biodiversity Offset Policies


Within the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Anne Gwenn Alexandre participated in implementing a Global Business and Biodiversity Programme (GBBP). The various projects under the GBBP involved the private sector, especially on natural and mitigation hierarchy. She designed and populated a database of countries with biodiversity offset policies.

Designing a Social Business Strategy

Groupe Société Générale

The team designed a global CSR strategy. The approach consisted in creating aligning social and environmental goals with the Group’s business strategy. A series of workshops were organized to raise awareness on social and environmental impacts. An international CSR training game “Citizen Act” was developed for this purpose.